An officiant plays a major role in a wedding, and you will probably be extremely lucky if you are able to find an officiant who would be open to all your ideas for the wedding, and is flexible and open to your suggestions, and who does not oppose everything immediately he hears you.

After all, it is your wedding, a once in a lifetime affair, and if you get an uncooperative officiant, then it will be a great dampener on the festive wedding spirit.

If you prefer the traditional officiant, then remember, you have several options. The officiant who conducts your marriage could be a Judge, or a Notary, a Clerk at the County Courthouse, or he could be a Justice of the Peace.

I once attended a wedding when the bride’s father’s close friend acted as the officiant for the wedding. This was a wedding I cannot forget, because the proceedings were so very informal, and there was absolutely no tension on any side, because everyone knew the officiant, and the officiant knew everyone at the wedding, and he knew exactly what was what.

I considered the bride and groom fortunate indeed to have been able to get such an officiant for their wedding. However, remember that if you choose to have a close friend conduct your marriage, you have to make sure that he has been approved of in the state to legally conduct your marriage.

It is a good idea to meet the officiant before the due date. Here are some questions you could ask him, or you could prepare your own set of questions. Please clear all your doubts before the wedding.

  • Are you free on the date? If you have a prior engagement, would it be possible for you to conduct this wedding as well?
  • Do you need to bring any documents for the wedding?
  • What speech are you planning to give at the wedding?
  • Since ours is a multi cultural wedding, what is the procedure? Do you have to know anything about our respective cultures?
  • Is it possible for you to play your own songs, or make your own speech at your wedding? If so, what is the tone that they have to be set in?
  • Do you feel that there has to be some sort of dress code for the wedding? Do you believe in a dress code?

Once you have cleared all your doubts and made sure that the officiant you have chosen knows what is expected of him, then you are all set.

Prepare well and enjoy your wedding!



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