In case you are planning on getting married anytime soon or if you have a friend who will get married, you might want to organize a hen party. This party is meant to celebrate the last night of freedom of the bride. It is common for the hen party to turn into a hen weekend.

Who should Organize the Hen Party?

In the majority of the cases there is only one organizer of the hen party. Commonly it is the sister, best friend, or the bridesmaid of the bride who will organize the party since they are supposed to know best what the bride would like to have. It might be a good idea to discuss with the bride what she has in mind for the occasion: some pampering time or a wild night. Also discuss the guest list with her.

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What to do?

There are a lot of options regarding a hen party. There could be a wild party with male strippers, alcohol and naughty outfits. You guys may also have a night in. This means renting movies, playing games and also have some pampering like a makeover or aromatherapy session. In this case you might want to hire a beautician.

Get Some Excitement

If the bride is up for some adventure, it may be a good idea to go to a theme park, bungee jumping, or white water rafting. Another popular idea is to sign up for some pole dancing lessons. Hiring a party bus is a big hit in our days. These can take the party to different venues and in the majority of the cases the fee includes the entrance fee to parties as well.

Booking and Paying

It is best to decide in advance on the venues that you will visit and add up all the costs. Then make sure you let everyone know in advance about the event and start collecting the money as soon as possible. If you are the organizer, you have to make sure that everybody knows the details.

Small Details

There are some small details that can make the party perfect. Think of all the decorations and other items that such parties usually have. It is common for the bride to have a special shirt, like the ones you can find at the Hen Party Superstore.

Gift or no Gift?

Usually people don’t bring gifts to a hen party, but you could offer the bride something small and fun if you have a really good idea.

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