flower girlYour wedding is not complete without cute little flower girls to inspire the biggest grins from your guests.

But do not be fooled by size of these small charmers, they have the biggest potential to cause havoc on your special day and keeping them happy is a humongous task.

If you are having trouble choosing your flower girl remember there is no law that says you have to choose only one.

Actually the more the merrier because your little flower girls will actually feel more confident if they are more than one.

You know what they say; there is safety in numbers. Also make sure they are not too young as small kids tend to cry and refuse to participate when they get confused. Older girls are more capable of understanding the role they are supposed to play.

To help calm down your mini brides, you can explain the importance of the role they have in your ceremony. This will get them excited about it and make them feel important.

Another way of getting them to learn their role is getting them a book on the role of flower girl that they can read before the ceremony itself or rather play them a video of a previous wedding ceremony so they observe the role of flower girls.

Make sure their parents are seated near the aisle near the front so that they can see them throughout the whole wedding ceremony. Parents can give reassuring smiles and signs when she is about to panic. Don’t be nervous that she will make a mistake, most silly mistakes that children do are considered cute by guests.

Make sure they use the restroom before the ceremony and they have been properly fed. Make sure they don’t eat a lot of candy and sugary things because this might cause a lot of visits to the toilet by the little ones.

Keep in mind that kids get bored easily. What you might consider happy hour, might seem like ages before the fun starts to the little ones. So make sure you have a lot of entertainment set aside for the flower girls. You can have some goody bags on standby or fun toys that do not make too much noise or a lot of mess.

Also make sure that kids’ meals have been catered for in your menu. Food is good way to pacify kids when they are restless.



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