flat stomachYour wedding day is slowly coming closer and you have to check that everything is in place.

You have been so busy trying to put everything in place that you have not taken time away for yourself until its time for your fitting.

This is the most exciting part of the wedding preparation, but the excitement is dampened when you see your stomach protruding from behind the dress.

This is not a pleasant surprise so you should make sure that you take care of your body to have that great shape on your wedding day.

Watch what you eat, and make sure that you eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Avoid eating foods with high cholesterol and with no real nutritional value.

Ask your doctor for a good diet plan so you can shape up. Learn to discipline yourself so that you maintain the required balance of fruits, fiber, vegetables and fish.

Water is essential for our bodies, in cleansing toxins and unclean substances from the body. It also limits the amount of food that you eat at one time.

Remember when you were a child, how your mother discouraged you from drinking water before and in the middle of the meal? This is because drinking a lot of water makes you feel full and hence discourages you from eating. That means definite weight loss.

It is important for you to smile! Smiling relaxes the muscles in your body, particularly the muscles in the face. It eliminates the possibility of any wrinkles showing up earlier than scheduled.

Most importantly, smiling is a form of exercising that burn calories without you putting any effort.

Make some time and join a dietary group so you have support from other people. The mere fact that you are working out for the sake of your wedding day, should motivate you to continue with the dietary group.

The most important thing in flattening that stomach, is to start doing all the stomach exercises and eating the recommended food in good time. You will not get a flat stomach overnight.

There is nothing good that ever comes without some effort, so just as you have placed effort in building up your relationship with your partner to this point of commitment, likewise you should work on your stomach in good time.

Dancing is also a fun way of flattening the stomach, so go for some salsa or samba dance class and have fun!



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