Who doesn’t want to look best on their wedding day? Wedding day is the most auspicious and memorable for every one and everyone wants to look their best on this special day of their life.

Some of you may set weight loss goals, while others look for better skin care routine to look gorgeous.

If you consider getting in shape for the big day as an important part of your wedding plan, here are few quick ways to achieve healthy weight loss for your wedding day.

Set a target!

Check your weight and calculate how many pounds you need to lose every week to get into good shape. This can help you to plan your weight loss schedule perfectly.

A healthy amount of weight loss should be approximately 1 ½ to 2 pounds per week. Don’t try to overdo manic exercises and avoid putting your health in trouble. Plan perfectly in a healthy way and achieve better results.

Include well-balanced diet!

Well-balanced diet is the main key element in losing weight for your special day. If you adopt a well-balanced diet few weeks before your wedding, it will be very beneficial for you to keep yourself healthy and fit. Additionally, you can avoid stress that you’ll experience while planning your wedding.

Implement 20-minute workout routine!

A 20-minute workout routine with perfect diet is more than enough to lose extra pounds of your body.

Practice strength training and cardio exercise 3 times in a week to achieve better results. Don’t take it too seriously and avoid stress. Discuss with your physical trainer and don’t panic to make these workout sessions fun.

Eat smaller and frequent meals!

Eat 5 to 6 smaller meals consisting of approximately 4 to 6 ounces of lean meat and fresh fruits and vegetables such as green beans, spinach, citrus fruits, apples, water melon etc. Take suggestions from dietician and implement perfect diet plan.

Avoid stress!

Planning for your wedding day possibly makes you to experience severe stress and tiredness. This stress significantly contributes to weight gain. This is due to the reason that most of you make food as your stress reliever and crave on unhealthy food.

As a result, extra body pounds will be added to your body. So, try to find out various stress relaxation techniques to relieve your wedding stress.

If you really feel that you are carrying extra body pounds, implement these simple steps few months before your wedding and accomplish desired weight loss for your special day of life.



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