Weddings are wonderful and most memorable events for every one.

When it comes to weddings, most of you focus on colors, decorations, floral arrangements and other things that may seem important for you.

But, there is one more important aspect that you have to consider in order to make your wedding most unforgettable for every one and that is pleasing your wedding guests. So, here are few tips for pleasing your wedding guests.

  1. Provide accommodations for your wedding guests to refresh themselves on your wedding day. Especially, if your wedding is outdoor wedding or long distance wedding, providing accommodations is very essential for wedding guests.
  2. Assign responsibilities to your family members or other responsible persons with a list of essential things for wedding guests.
  3. If you are expecting many children on your wedding day, arrange special items to entertain and engage children, so that they won’t disturb their parents or other arrangements when wedding event is going on.
  4. Avoid long delays and endless waiting for the wedding couple to appear on wedding day. This can make them to lose the excitement and enthusiasm to enjoy your wedding.
  5. Arrange for entertainment like music or any other entertaining shows for engaging your wedding guests, if the wedding couple seems to appear late on wedding day.
  6. Treat all of your wedding guests with equal importance and treat them like VIPs. Ensure that your guests feel honored when they leave your wedding reception.


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