Being a bridesmaid is tough! There is so much more to be done as a bridesmaid than people can think, and hence, you should take your privilege of being one’s bridesmaid quite seriously.

The way bridesmaid presents herself is important, and if you fail to show yourself properly, then you will be an utter failure and the talk of the wedding. In order to offer your best to the bride, you should keep in mind the tips mentioned in this article.

5 Tips for Being the Best Bridesmaid Ever

1. Planning way ahead of the wedding

The responsibilities of a bridesmaid are huge, and you cannot mess them up at any cost. Therefore, you should certainly start planning way earlier so that you are fully prepared for the big day.

There are plenty of things you have to do and to ensure that all things get done within reasonable time, you should make lists. Keep a spreadsheet and input all necessary details relating to contacts, atimeline of events, to-do lists and an outline of the wedding-related expenditure.

By planning ahead, you will be able to intelligently handle any exigencies which may creep up.

2. Teamwork

You are an essential part of the wedding, but you do not run the wedding. You may encounter disagreements with your co-bridesmaids, particularly when you are spending time together. These disagreements should not let that unhealthy competitive feeling strengthen and take control of you.

Your purpose is to assist the bride, co-bridesmaids and the maid of honor. You will have to set aside your differences and work as a team member.

3. No bad-mouthing about the dress

You may have your own fashion sense or your idea for the dress rejected by the bride, but this should not make you go all bitchy about the dress. You agreed to be a bridesmaid—to be by the side of the bride under all circumstances, and therefore, it is unbecoming of a bridesmaid to pinpoint flaws in the bride’s dress out of spite.

It is a big day for the bride, and it does not take much to do something for someone else just for a day!

4. Organize the bachelorette party right

It is folly to assume that the perfect idea of a bachelorette party is the standard night-out party. You must consider what kind of person the bride is and then plan the party accordingly. Oh, yes, while you are planning, you must not forget about your co-bridesmaid. Bring onboard all other bridesmaid and plan together!

5. Do not bitch to the bride

A bride is one of the most stressed-out humans in a wedding, and you should be considerate of her state of mind and not fill her with all kind of bitchy stuff about which conversations can be held later. Instead, encourage her throughout the day and tell her about things which will uplift her.

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