wedding tipsMost bride and groom couples automatically consider staying the night on the eve of their wedding night at the most luxurious hotel in the town or city.

Apart from staying in the most luxurious hotel they oftentimes want to stay in the hotel where their reception is held, if applicable.

Have you considered looking into a bed and breakfast for the very special night of your wedding? With a bed and breakfast your new husband or wife and yourself will be guaranteed privacy and romance in a less chaotic and public arena.

The venue of a bed and breakfast is so quaint, full of history and architecture, and romantic, you simply cannot go wrong with the accommodations of a bed and breakfast.

Search your local listings for a bed and breakfast and tour it. Tour as many as you can. Talk to the hosts about special wedding-night packages and specials.

Many times there is a bridal suite with a hot tub Jacuzzi. Bed and breakfasts serve a very personal breakfast in the morning to their guests and oftentimes will make that breakfast even more special if they know you are newlyweds.



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