Since people are very likely to go on having wedding parties in the future, there are a lot of people thinking about becoming a wedding planner. This is a job that really has a future, but what does it take to become a pro?


One of the most important things to have if you would like to become a wedding planner is to have the right set of skills. There are some common traits that the majority of wedding planners have and these include creativity, good interpersonal skills and a passion for organizing events. They need to be organized and also must be able to respect timelines and schedules.

Becoming a Wedding PlannerKnowledge

Since there is a lot of information that needs to be known regarding a wedding, this is something that all wedding planner candidates need to know. You could learn all this on your own or you could take classes. It might be a good idea to take part at as many weddings as possible, and to attend bridal shows, read magazines and to talk to people who are already through this phase.

Portfolio for becoming a wedding planner

This is something you need so that you have something to show to the people who are interested in your work. When you are still a wedding planner candidate, you should offer to help friends and family with their weddings and ask them to offer you photos so you could add them to your portfolio. You can also add photos of the decorations you have made in your home as well.

Get a job

In case you are thinking about becoming a wedding planner, first you should get a job in the field. This way you could gain valuable experience. There are hotels, churches and country clubs looking for wedding coordinators. There are also some other locations that you could consider when you are a wedding planner candidate, such as attractions like Disney World, Hawaii, Europe, Las Vegas, or Caribbean.

Your business

In case you manage to start your own business, becoming a wedding planner could be a lot easier. You could be working from home if nothing is interrupting you. This way the set up costs are a lot smaller, and you could meet the clients in your home. In this case you should make use of all the free advice that you can get.

Get a specialty

When people are wedding planner candidates they should choose a specialty. There are some people who offer all the services needed during the wedding planning, while others handle only wedding day coordination or offering consultation to the couples who want to do the planning on their own.


If you are thinking about becoming a wedding planner you might know that you need some relations with vendors. You would need limousine companies, photographers, musicians, printers, supply companies and so on. Before you recommend a company you should make sure that they offer high quality services, because you have to make sure that everything will be perfect.



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