wedding dayA girl’s wedding day is the most important day of her life.

Not only does she dream of it her whole life but it comes once in a lifetime so it is imperative that it be special and perfect.

To achieve this perfection, measures should be taken to make sure everyone is on their best behavior.

First and foremost, punctuality is the key to a remarkable wedding. If everything is scheduled and a strict schedule is followed there leaves less room for mistakes. Key persons for the wedding should arrive a few hours before the wedding.

The caterers should be the first people to arrive and assemble themselves in the space which they have been assigned. They should be able to work with minimum supervision.

The bride should check her wedding dress well over five times.

Her make up should be arranged neatly on her dressing table and in the order in which she will smear it on to avoid any missing powder or so forth. A masseuse would be greatly appreciated to calm the nervous bride.

If the bride is calm there are less chances of a cancelled wedding. The groom should follow suit and check that his necessities are also available. The bridesmaids of both parties should also be early to check their attires. Once all the above mentioned have arrived then they can rehearse the entrance.

Naturally some people do not get on well with others and that is why place settings are necessary. The bride should be consulted as to who may not sit next to who. This will make sure that everyone is comfortable and no disputes occur.

The bride and groom should have conversed about outstanding issues well before the wedding to make sure they do not disagree on the long awaited day. They should understand that they are the main attraction and that they are being watched constantly.

Nothing has the capability to ruin a wedding more than children and thus children should be kept under strict observation or should not be invited at all.

The wedding invitations should specify that children are not invited and in cases where children are invited there should be a designated area specifically for them preferably in the back and close to the restrooms.

Other uninvited guests should be guests capable of making a scene. This would consist of mainly the bride and groom’s former lovers.

A strict guest list and invitation check should be maintained at all times at the door. This will also curb against random gatecrashers.

People tend to get over excited at weddings and alcohol only escalates this problem so to keep it under control there should be a specific time when alcohol will be served to the guests.

Wedding music should also be of a slow tempo to avoid distasteful dancing and ultimate embarrassment. It is a wedding not a nightclub. The bride and groom should undertake wedding dance lessons to avoid humiliation when they first show themselves to the world. Their first dance is important and of great sentimental value.



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