proposingMarriage is a huge step in everyone’s life. There comes a time when a man feels the need to settle down and have children.

Picking the right woman is difficult but convincing her to be yours forever is also a chore.

Although it is an honor to be picked out of a million to be the only one for all eternity, the occasion when he finally asks you should be just as memorable.

Girls pride themselves with their loved one and at the wedding she will have to entertain,” How did he propose?” questions and it is up to the man to save his woman the embarrassment of a boring proposal.

One could always choose to propose the traditional way which would include inviting your loved one to a romantic candlelight dinner.

Over the years men have customized this route by either taking her to her favorite restaurant or where they had their first date or simply the most sophisticated establishment he can find.

Once he has decided on a venue he can either choose to rent it out so that only the two of them remain, but this will prove costly as the venue would require compensation for that night’s revenue.

He can also choose to wine and dine her on the rooftop which will achieve the privacy factor for which he aimed.

Under the moonlight and stars he will have only the most delectable meals served to her preferably her favorites. Both will then dance to their song while overlooking the skyline.

When he is ready, he may choose to end the dance prematurely and pop the question on bended knee or he might wait and have the ring placed in either her wine glass or dessert.

By far the most romantic way to propose is to set up a date with your girlfriend and on the way to the rendezvous she meets people carrying roses and wearing, “Will you marry me” shirts with her name on them.

Then with a microphone in hand while standing on a soapbox you declare your undying love for her in front of the masses and hope she accepts.

Nothing pains lovers more than separation, tell your loved one that you are going away and have her accompany you to the airport. While she bids you farewell have the flight attendants announce via loudspeaker how you would like her to marry you.

In all her excitement you go on bended knee and express your sincerest desires for her. Tell her how the proposal is a guarantee of your love for her.

Others may opt to fake the departure and make sure they arrive at her workplace before she does. Upon arrival he will make sure she is invited to an impromptu staff meeting where he will take a vow of eternal love to her in front of her workmates.

Also at the workplace he could send the proposal via e-mail to the whole staff and serenade her through the speaker phone and finally appear only to seal the deal.

Should the female choose to propose, she can take her boyfriend to go see his favorite team play. After the game she can take him backstage for an all access tour of the changing rooms and then an exclusive meet and greet with the players, who will assemble in a straight line carrying her on their shoulders as she descends to make the proposal. This is small and intimate saving him the public embarrassment.



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