bride warmsThe guests and their comfort is surely an issue for any bride to be. The big weddings require taking care for your guests, especially the ones that are arriving from the country.

In case you don’t want them to feel uncomfortable and you want to remember your wedding day with an appreciation, simply provide a wedding itinerary.

You can include a certain program within the wedding invitation. If you can afford it, book a hotel for all your guests. If not, then at least provide an itinerary which includes key times and location.

Make sure all of the guests are attending the wedding brunch, organize transport for them and give them a list with the events you are planning.

It is good idea to also organize the day after the wedding. This is the day that usually your guests will travel back to their homes, so the least you can do is to host a breakfast and arrange the transportation to the stations or the airports. Try to pay attention to them even if you don’t feel like it.

Nothing beats in the hearts of your distant relatives and friends the feeling of appreciation your attentive behavior will generate if you spend a precious minute in their company. Guess who will be the amazing bride they will talk about, many years after your wedding?



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