We already spoke about the importance of not going overboard with the wedding itself and ways in which you can cut costs and still have your dream day. Here are some more ideas to help you cut wedding costs:

  1. budget weddingRequest Cash Gifts: If this is possible to do without causing embarrassment, consider asking for gifts in cash. This is a particularly good idea if you already have a home and aren’t looking to set up a new one because you don’t really need the sort of gifts that wedding couples typically get.
  2. Look in non-wedding Shops: You don’t have to do your wedding related shopping at wedding stores, these places charge more for the same items simply because they call themselves wedding stores. You can get the same things elsewhere for a lot less money.
  3. The Dress: This is of course a very important aspect and one you may not want to compromise on, but do consider for a moment other dresses as well, they can be equally beautiful, well fitting, flattering and suitable for the occasion and don’t cost as much simply because they are not ‘wedding’ dresses. A flattering summer dress style may be just the thing for a summer wedding, for instance!
  4. Time and Date: Some times and dates (such as Saturday evenings for instance) are more in demand and will therefore cost considerably more to hire a location for. Consider a Sunday morning wedding or a weekday evening, and see what may suit.
  5. Invites: Hand make your wedding invitations, or make and print your own invites using your computer. You can even send them by email to further reduce costs, at least to those you know won’t be offended by an email invite (and it’s no use sending an email invite to your grandmother if she doesn’t have a computer).
  6. Get organized: By booking venues early, not waiting till the last moment to make purchases, and getting organized in general, you can save a lot of money.
  7. Flowers: Artificial flowers such as silk flowers can look as good as the real thing, and will last a lot longer without wilting or scattering their petals. Best of all you can save a lot of money by not buying fresh flowers. And if you must have real flowers, then choose a florist who is not a bridal specialist, they may be a lot cheaper.
  8. Borrow rather than hire cars: You may want to splurge on a limo, but if it isn’t so important to you, consider borrowing from a friend or a relative a suitable vehicle.


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