Planning a wedding isn’t any different from any of our day to day experience. The only thing is this is your special day and you want everything to fulfill your wedding fantasies.

You have to make sure that everything is perfect from the wedding announcements until the finest details in the wedding reception.

Here are some tips on making sure that the wedding planning and wedding announcements will be memorable:

Penny for the wedding

    It is not easy to have a wedding and preparing for wedding announcements. The most important thing to check is the budget.

    If you are planning to get married, make sure that you have the right amount of money. It is not a joke to get married.

    There are cost of the decorations, the invitations, the food, the dresses to wear, the rent for the place both for the wedding and the reception, and all the other related expenses for the wedding. Wedding announcements and invitations does not need to be too expensive.

    Decide on the place

      Before sending out the wedding announcements, make sure that you have already chosen a place where to get married. There are a lot of choices.

      You may choose to get married in a church, or in a garden or maybe a beach wedding. Choose the place that you like the most and make sure that it is agreed by both parties.

      The good thing with this is you will be able to place the venue in your wedding announcements.

      Shop for dresses

        This is very important! Make sure that you have chosen your gown and your groom’s tux way ahead of time. You have to plan as well on what the bridesmaid and groomsmen’s dress is going to be.

        Allow 3-6 months before the wedding date to have this prepared. You don’t want your bridesmaid looking like Cinderella and not the beautiful princess on your wedding day.

        Prepare for the food

          This part of the planning would take most of the money in your budget. This can be quite expensive if you want to have a feast. Find a cheap caterer with good food.

          There are a lot, just take your time and look for them. Do this ahead of time as well. If you have someone in the family whom you might be able to ask to cater for the wedding then it would be best.

          It will be cheaper. You may cut out on other expenses like the wedding announcements to be able to have more budgets for this.

          Book the minister

            Do this as soon as possible. This way the minister has more flexibility and you can choose the best time of the day to get married. You also need to place the minister’s name in the wedding announcements that’s why you need to have this arranged.

            The things above are just some suggestions that you might want to take.  This is just a little walk through from the wedding announcements until the reception.

            Always remember that getting married is a long time commitment. Before you make the preparations for the wedding announcements, prepare yourselves. That is the best preparation you need to partake before marriage.


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