The economic climate being what it is, it is best to be a little smart and savvy when it comes to wedding expenditure.

While you deserve the wedding you always dreamt of, it is important to see that costs do not spiral out of control, leaving you in debt before your married life has even started! Consider these points and see where you can compromise to cut costs:

  1. wedding tips The Guest List: Needless to say the longer the guest list, the higher the costs for the wedding. The costs for catering, invitations, table settings, centerpieces, and wedding favors will all go down proportionately.The wedding venue also doesn’t need to be as big, if you decide to have fewer guests.Consider excluding kids, or not inviting single people + friend (extend the invite only to your friend) – invite only those who really matter to you. Also consider inviting some people only for the wedding and not the reception. You can have more people for the wedding and fewer for the reception, thereby cutting costs considerably.
  2. Number of attendants: Consider how many attendants you really need and cut down on that number – this way there are fewer people to involve in the preparations, fewer gifts to buy, fewer bridesmaid outfits to purchase and less people you have to invite for the wedding rehearsal.Do you really need more than one bridesmaid or matron of honor? Your wedding should be the way you want it, it is not a time to keep up with the Jones!
  3. Look for discounts: A wedding show, online offers of samples and coupons are something you should be making use of to save you time and money. In particular, wedding decorations, hair accessories, and many other wedding items can be bought online to save considerable amounts of money.
  4. Choose the venue with care: You may have always dreamed of having your wedding in a romantic setting and there is no reason why you shouldn’t. You just shouldn’t have to shell out a lot of money for this. Consider a hall rather than a church; sometimes this can save a lot of money.

    Consider a park or a beach or a wild location that both are particularly fond of. For a couple fond of the outdoors this could be an ideal cost cutting idea. Also consider your home or your backyard or ask someone in the family if you could use theirs if more suitable, it could make for a small but memorable wedding.



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