Wiccan, Pagan or Celtic beliefs are the original religions that ruled the earth before Christianity overthrew them. More and more people now want to go back to these earth religions that celebrate mother earth and other forces of nature.

So if you are a Wiccan or a Celtic fan and would like a marriage that encompasses the rituals and ceremonies that go with your religion, here is what you should expect.

Wiccan Wedding Ceremony

The ancient religions are about nature and gratitude towards nature. There rituals are steeped in ancient traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation over thousands of years. Most followers of the ancient religions have a deep sense of magic and passion.

The religions worship nature and its beauty and they believe that marriage is not just the union of two people but works on three planes that are interconnected. It works on the individual, social and spiritual level.

The wiccan wedding ceremony takes place in the presence of the high priest or high Priestess who solemnizes the wedding. If you don’t have a regular high priest/ess, you can look online for the religious heads in your area. Do make sure that the person claiming to be so is authorized to solemnize weddings.

The rituals for the wedding are conducted in the presence of the four elements that make this world. The four elements are attributed with the four directions. Fire is designated north and is usually represented by a lit red candle, air in south is represented by a fan or incense burning, the west is for Earth, represented by a favorite crystal or piece of rock and water in the east.

On the special occasion a floral crown adorns the bride’s head, and the groom is expected to wear an ivy crown. The bride has a floral bouquet with herbs as a part of it to ward off the evil spirits. The bride and the groom kneel in front of the altar, where the four elements are positioned.

All the guests who wish to participate in the ceremony form a circle around the couple. The high priest or wedding celebrant invokes the goddesses or spirits to bless all those present and to be witness to the union.

One of the most important rituals is the “hand fasting”, whereby; the hands of the bride and groom are bound together with a natural woven thread, cloth or fiber. The binding is gently slipped off without removing the knot, immediately prior to the “Giving of Rings” ceremony. The significance here is that the two have been bound together forever.

The bride and the groom take blessings of Dionysus the god of faithful marriage. They partake of wine, water mead and milk from a shared breakable goblet. A friend sweeps away impurities and bad luck with the help of a straw broom and the couple then jumps over it. Special verses or hymns are sung during all the rituals signifying their importance and meaning.

Some couples like to opt for a civil marriage but like to have rituals like the hand fasting too to celebrate their connection to nature.



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