wedding greenHave you thought about going green for your wedding?

It is easier than you may think to having a wedding that will be everything you have ever hoped for, and easier on the environment too.

Here are some things to consider.

  • Invitations can be printed with soy ink on recycled paper. The best recycled paper has post-consumer content. You can even go paperless and invite people via email!
  • Speaking of soy, think about using soy candles or beeswax candles.
  • Instead of offering plastic trinkets as favors, consider giving your guests plants or seeds they can grow.
  • Instead of wedding gifts, your guests can contribute to a charity you support.
  • Think about transportation. Does it make sense to have several members of the wedding party ride together in a limousine, or does it make more sense to have people car pool in their own cars? It all depends on your situation.
  • Instead of using paper napkins and disposable dinner ware, consider cloth napkins and reusable dinner ware.
  • Choose organic food for your wedding reception when you can. In season and locally grown foods will be less expensive and taste better.
  • If you choose live flowers, choose in season flowers. Not only are they less expensive than out-of-season flowers, but their environmental impact is less as well.

Of course, you do not have to do all of these things to have an ecologically responsible wedding.

Choose something that resonates with you, and begin your new life together knowing that everyone’s world is a brighter place.



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