Most of the couples want to have a unique kind of wedding, but they are confused with where to start or how to include the wedding theme into their special event. You will find various types of wedding themes like:

  • Flower themes
  • Romantic themes
  • Seasonal and outdoor themes
  • Unique themes
  • Bird, animal, fish or insect themes
  • Historical themes
  • Beach or seaside themes
  • Cultural or religious themes
  • Sports themes
  • Celestial themes
  • Holiday themes

Flower wedding theme:

Selecting roses is a popular choice for flower wedding theme. Based on the flowers that you want to use, they can impact either a casual or formal atmosphere. For flower wedding theme, choose your wedding ceremony with flower garden. Throw the rose petals along the ground and also put along the table tops.

Romantic wedding theme:

Romantic wedding theme! It is simply what you want if you love lace and frills. You will find various soft floral colors and different shapes which represent the romantic atmosphere. Place shapes with lace that are the symbols of romance. Romeo and Juliet wedding themes are very romantic and they offer the feel of the old times during the wedding ceremony.

Placing the candles and soft dim lights at different locations will give romantic feel. Place the candles which are surrounded by beautiful flowers like roses. Your guests will greatly enjoy and relax with the romantic wedding themes.

Seasonal wedding themes:

You will find spring, summer, winter or autumn seasonal wedding themes. Some brides choose seasonal wedding themes that are so elaborate; the guests will wonder when they enter into the wedding location by watching the theme. Select the wedding theme that you and your better half like very much. Choose the colors of your seasonal wedding theme that reflects with your personality and style.

Unique wedding theme:

Unique wedding themes are becoming more popular in today’s world. Most of the couples want to be unique and special on their wedding day, so they opt for unique wedding themes. With every unique wedding theme, you can include or exclude each element and you can make each celebration very different.

Mold these unique wedding themes to reflect yourself and also your own community. There are many unique wedding themes like: Marina, Ancient Greek, Western, Renaissance, and Butterfly Wedding theme. Each theme has its own and unique style that you can change according to your taste and style.

Beach wedding theme:

In winter and fall wedding seasons, some people consider beach wedding themes. Beach wedding themes will allow you to create your own styles. Depending on the time of the day beach theme sets the mood. The best time for romance and beauty is at sunrise or sunset. Beach themed wedding does not require many decorations.

Beach allows you to set the stage for your romantic wedding ideas with a dusk or dawn seaside ceremony. At the beach, sunset or sunrise will give a wonderful background for the wedding photos.

Cultural wedding theme:

Cultural wedding themes are the great way to personalize your wedding day. Guests will appreciate the experience of wonderful cultural traditions. Also, choose the things like colors, attire, favors, decorations, and ideas that are all traditional. These themes are somewhat different from modern themes and will offer you a special and unique look and feel.

These are few wedding themes that you can use on your wedding day; also, you can mix and match these themes in order to create a day that is entirely unique to you as a pair. Enjoy your wedding planning!



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