Although a lot of people think that the most romantic time to get married is spring, there are also many people who consider fall just as romantic, looking for wedding theme ideas. Just as in any other season, you have the possibility to choose a formal wedding, casual one or something in the middle. The advantage is that the heat of the summer is already gone, but it isn’t cold yet.

The season itself could become your theme, and there are also some holidays that you could incorporate in your ideas for your wedding theme like Thanksgiving or Halloween.

Wedding Theme IdeasMake economies with the ideas for your wedding theme.

One of the best things about the fall weddings is that they are relatively cheap to decorate and they look fabulous. In case you have access to a farmers’ market you can find many items you could use and they cost almost nothing.

It is possible that you have never thought about this when considering wedding theme ideas, but you could be using corn stalks that are just great for arches and entryways, dried lanterns branches, wheat bundles, gourds and even pumpkins.

Other wedding decoration ideas include hay bales, mums, woody fruits like pears and apples, and also acorns.

Another item that you shouldn’t forget about when considering decoration is the candle. This is just perfect in case you would like to create decoration for the tables or buffet.


When looking for some ideas for your wedding theme, keep in mind that fall is rich in flowers. A lot of brides opt for casual blooms that fall offers, such as daisies, gerber and sunflower.

On the other hand there are the brides that prefer regarding the wedding theme ideas, the urban look of the flowers, and so they opt for calla lilies and roses, not to mention the collars made of rooster feathers.

The dresses

In case you are the bride, you can choose any color for your dress, although usually brides prefer the traditional white bridal dress. In case of the dresses of the bridesmaids, the options are almost infinite. The most popular colors for the fall include chocolate brown, rusty orange, mushroom, scarlet or apple red.

If you are looking for wedding theme ideas, you should also know that the theme can be incorporated in your dress too, like a bit of red in the bodice or in the train, which will add a splash of color.

The tables

The majority of the ideas for wedding theme might include the decoration of the tables. In case of fall it is a very good idea to consider fruits first and only after that the flowers. You can have piles of pears, apples or grapes, and to make the bowls look better, you could also add a ribbon to them. For a romantic touch, also add a rose to the decorations.

As you can see there are many ideas for your wedding theme that you could use. All these wedding theme ideas will ensure the success of the event.



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