After all, a wedding should be a party. Therefore, most of the brides are bringing fun elements in their weddings, not to mention this is also a personal touch to your wedding party. The wedding experts are claiming that nowadays the wedding parties become more different from what they were.

This is so, because the brides want to create their own party atmosphere by adding different elements and replacing the stereotypical details in this matter. In case you want something different too, here is one of the best ideas how to turn your wedding into a different and memorable event – start with the cake.

wedding dessert bars 1

If you don’t want to replace the traditional cake, there is no need to do it. Choose the cake, but create a dessert bar. It is a tendency that is very popular nowadays. Dessert bars are provocative and fun, especially when they are designed in different style. The typical wedding reception is classy, but dessert bars are surely innovative and funnier.

Usually the reaction they provoke is far different. According to the experts, when people see a dessert bar, they are usually wondering where to start, so in this matter – give them a choice. Design rich dessert bar, you can put all kind of candies, brownies, chocolates, different cakes etc.

wedding dessert bars 2

Some wedding dessert bars include even cheesecakes and cupcakes, so in this matter- everything is allowed, as long as it is decorated stylish, fun and beautiful. Make a colorful selection with candies and brownies in pop colors, this will create a fairytale atmosphere and moreover, it also looks delicious.

You can also include an assortment of your grand-mother cookies or your fiancé’s favorite ones.

wedding dessert bars 3

Dessert bars are not only a delicious part of your wedding; they can be used as a décor instead of the typical wedding centerpiece, especially if you create a multi-level dessert bar. Actually it will be very unusual and original idea, so go for it as you make sure the dessert bar is matching the main color of your wedding.

The multi-level dessert bars can be created with candies in a cylinder glass on different levels. This will be really beautiful centerpiece and it will surely grab the attention more than an ordinary wedding decoration. In case you are going to have a dessert bar at your wedding, you need to note in the invitations that there will be a dessert reception and dancing.

The different experience that will be given by a well decorated dessert bar is a guarantee that your wedding is a personal and an intimate event.



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