Wedding is a colourful event, literally and figuratively. Colours used in a wedding make the ceremony feel more lively and exciting, but there is more to it than just that.

Psychologists across the globe have studied the impact of colours in wedding and found that—what is known as colour psychology—colours can give away varied impacts on the wedding day. In fact, the greater quantity of a specific colour used the greater psychological impact. Thus, when adding colours to the event, make sure you had gone through this article once.

Five wedding colours to light up your mood

In this article, we will explore five wedding colours that will lighten the mood. So, let us begin:

  1. White

The purest form of colour is white, and it essentially represents wholeness, perfection, and innocence. If you have chosen white as the colour of the wedding day, then you will experience comfort and peace.

Adding white to your wedding will empower you to begin a new day in your life as the best day of your life. It injects into the ambiance hope and calm.

White is a favorite colour, but in many cultures, it is associated with death and mourning. So, keep in mind the cultural associations prevalent in your society.

  1. Red

Red is one of the most opted wedding themes of all time, and from the perspective of colour psychology, the colour is as powerful as it sounds.

The red colour is an apotheosis of energy, excitement, and passion. It generates a stimulating and warm mood at the wedding. Moreover, it will give away an expression that you are confident, extroverted and optimistic about the day.

Red is a fine colour, but using it out of proportion may cause adverse impressions to build up. Controlling the levels of energy in your wedding is important, so employ red wisely.

  1. Orange

An orange-themed wedding party will be positive, optimistic and uplifting. The colour will instantly set the mood right with its inherent social and friendly vibes. It will remind you of the days of enthusiasm and fun, which you wish continuing in your days after the wedding.

Selection of orange is often associated with competitiveness and independence. It identifies with people who are social, highly assertive, and always partying. It will smoothly let in a sense of an incredible adventure and spirit in the ambiance.

  1. Yellow

Yellow is bright, as bright as the auspicious wedding day, and gives away strong sensations of illumination and upliftment relating to the intellect. The colour is considered to be really welcoming, happy, cheerful and warm.

If you choose yellow as the wedding theme, you will be identified as a creative and genuine person, with a stock of fantastical dreams and overarching ambitions. It will inspire you to communicate smoothly and eloquently to people around and convey your feelings in the most transparent manner possible.

While Yellow serves as an excellent colour, do not overuse it because, at times, its brightness hurts the eye. So, be judicious.

  1. Indigo

The last on our list is Indigo—a perfect mixture of violet and deep blue. The colour will fill your wedding with strong emotions of justice and fairness, in addition to sincerity.

Indigo is one of those wedding colours that generate a dignified mood with a bit of traditionalism. It will convey your high reverence to marriage traditions and rituals. It will serve as a communicator of your high regard towards your family and husband-to-be.


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