A vintage wedding never goes out of fashion. The vintage can be in the reception details, you can have a vintage wedding dress or even a vintage theme but one thing is certain that you can never go wrong with a vintage wedding.

Recent wedding trends have shown that vintages wedding styles have become a favorite with brides. The word vintage does not simply mean old anymore rather it means nostalgic, fun and colorful. Here are some great ideas for a fun vintage wedding.

vintage wedding ideas and themesTwo-Ring Circus Vintage Wedding Theme

Who doesn’t love cotton candy, barn dancing and a casual, playful atmosphere? Well these are the main attractions of this theme. A detailed storyboard is created that includes carnival trinkets, vintage paper straws, old time candy, millinery flowers, balloons, crepe paper, ribbon samples and patterned fabric and paper.

An old fashioned kissing booth is also set up by setting up a barn with café lights, paper ticket machines, cotton candy machines and popcorn.

Gatsby Revival Vintage Wedding Theme

This theme is especially suited for the couples who have their inspiration firmly rooted to the past. This theme focuses more on how it makes you feel rather than what it looks like. This theme is inspired from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s vivid descriptions of luxurious and relaxed lawn parties by the sea. The literary theme plays directly to the pages torn from the antique books.

The venue which is a historic mansion and the seaside setting is complemented by the palette chosen. The invitations are written with old style vintage fonts to give the guests an idea of what is to come and the centerpieces consist of wrap boxes with water filled plastic cups hidden with pages from old books.

The Flea Market Charm Theme

The bride’s palette is made in shades of pink, parchment, grey and beige. Abundant vintage details are available throughout in this theme. Mason jars that once held cottage garden flowers and antique medicine bottles are used to create the table centerpieces.

The cakes table is decorated with pages of old sheet music. You should be prepared to buy your own china wares for the reception from flea markets. This vintage wedding theme calls for the traditional box of dirty dishes filled with cobwebs. Thus, keep the arrangement for millinery trimmings, vintage plates and other ephemera that rightly complements the color theme.


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