In spite that during the last decade it has been fashionable to have the most modern wedding possible, lately if you are trying to be modern, you have to look towards the past.

This means that you will have to consider the vintage wedding themes, and also the colors. There are some things that you think about when you hear ‘vintage wedding’. In case of every person an image pops in, that is the one that you will have to follow.

The image refers to a touch of gilded old mixed with eclectic style and decorative design combining the best of the era when romance was still alive and the treasures were present in every little detail.

Vintage Wedding Themes

There are many color combinations to use, and one of the best is bronze, forest green and black. These work out the best for those vintage weddings that take place during the winter. The majority of people opt only for brown and green, but you could spice the all look up with a little bronze. While the green and brown could look a little Christmas-y, the green, bronze and black could add an elegant touch.

You have the possibility to opt for a single color, and choose several hues of it. For example you could choose green, and so the hues that you might like include seafoam green and mint. The vintage touch will become even more obvious if you complement all of these with salmon pink.

You shouldn’t allow the pastel colors to go fading away into incorporating texture. There are some elements that most definitely shouldn’t miss from your wedding, like Kraft paper, antique typography intricate florals and twine twine.

If you would like to create something unique, think about copper, rust mixed with aqua. This combination has been one of the most well-known of them all in the period that you are referring to. In case you combine rust with copper, you might get a muddy result, but a fresh color, like aqua would bring the entire look to life.

Add a girly touch to the style of the wedding, by including some colors, such as mauve, wine and blush. In order to make the best of this combination, don’t forget to add some other feminine elements as well, such as crystals and pearls.

You could be of the opinion that the colors that have been mentioned up to now are way too pale and thus are unable to give voice to the wedding decor. In this case a more vivid color that you should take into consideration is orange.

It isn’t enough to simply use this color, so you could also add white and silver to it. You could think about different shades of the color, but remember that it is a good idea to keep the colors a bit pale, so the vintage look will remain untouched.

A garden wedding might be just perfect for you, and in such a case you should really think about butter yellow, lilac and also mauve. The yellow and the lilac will offer a romantic look while the mauve will add a touch of sophistication.

To accentuate the garden feeling, use floral patterns, as the floral decorations will also draw the attention of the people over the central theme.

You could use just any kind of color that you would like to provided to pay attention to the details and allow them to speak with a vintage voice.



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