Wedding is one thing which is common to all societies, but the traditions and rituals vary between countries, cultures, religions and social classes. It is the most universal occasion celebrated by all, but is celebrated in their own unique ways.

Each culture makes this special day of one’s life more special with unusual wedding rituals. Here you have a list of unusual and bizarre wedding rituals that are performed across the world. These rituals prove that how diverse the occasion of wedding can be.

most unusual wedding rituals across the world

Money Dance

This custom has its origin in Poland. In this custom the male guests have to pay money in order to have a dance with the bride and vice versa. The bride begins the dance with her father and one of the relative holds the apron in which the guests have to place the money and then gets the opportunity to dance with the bride or the groom.


This is a popular custom in France, where family and friends of the newlywed congregate just outside the house of the new couple on the very first night of the marriage. They carry pots and pans and bang them like anything to disturb the couple. To add on, the couple has to come out and give a treat to all.

Blackening of the Bride

This is a Scottish tradition. Friends of the bride take her by surprise and cover her with all kinds of crap: spoiled milk, tar, feathers, etc. In ancient days it was a custom of Scotland to cover the bride and the groom with treacle, flour and soot to keep away the evil spirits.

Beating the Groom’s Feet

This custom takes place after the marriage ceremony in South Korea. Friends of the groom remove his shoes and with the help of a rope tie his feet. Then his legs are lifted above the ground and thrashed with a stick or a fish called yellow Corvina. It is more of fun as it is considered that this ritual prepares the groom for his first wedding night.

Kumbh Vivah

This ritual is performed in India to get away with a bad omen of being Manglik. It is considered that if one of the partners is Manglik then it can lead to all negativity. To get rid of the negativity, a Manglik is married to a statue of Vishnu or a banana or Peepal tree.

Spitting on the Bride

It is a bizarre ritual performed by the people of Massai in Kenya. The bride’s father is supposed to spit on her head and breast and is considered as a blessing. The tribe considers that this tradition brings good fortune.

Each of these customs may appear irrational and illogical in this age, but those who follow them, believes that following such customs is sure to usher good luck to the couple.


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