The world is characterized with a myriad of cultures, and each culture has its own distinctive set of customs, traditions, and beliefs. The difference is easily palpable in their various ceremonies and rituals, and here, in this article, we are going to talk something pertinent to this.

While the entertainment industry has made the Western Church weddings highly popular, we are yet not well-informed about various wedding traditions which are peculiar enough to pique our interest. These wedding traditions are entirely different, and, at times, slightly odd, but they exist and we are going to talk about them here.

5 unique wedding traditions across the globe

Here are five unique wedding traditions across the globe:

  1. The Shoe Bribe

Unique to India and Pakistan, the shoe bribe is an interesting segment of certain marriage ceremonies. So, what happens is that when the wedding couple returns to their home for the one last ceremonial rite, the unveiling of the face of the bride, family members will steal the groom’s shoes.

Now, this does not stop there. The groom can only get back his shoes if he pays money or gives gifts to the ones who stole them.

Well, pretty convenient way to earn money, eh?

  1. Cow Slaughter

A typical Zulu tribal wedding features bright but attractive colors, dancing, and joy. During the main part of the wedding ceremony, the bride will don a western-style dress, but, after the ceremony, the couple will change to traditional tribal wear for performing an old tradition.

The best cow of the groom is slaughtered, and this is an important ritual for giving away blessings to the newlyweds. Upon the slaughter of the cow, the marriage is considered solemnized, and the couple can move in together to start a new family.

  1. The wardrobe changes

In China, brides undergo minimum three wardrobe changes on the wedding day. Each dress she wears is symbolic of a distinct aspect of the ceremony.

The brides would first wear the traditional red dress that is symbolic of good luck and strength, and, then, she will change to an all-white western wedding dress, and finally, the bride will change into a more informal cocktail dress saved for the evening party.

Perhaps, the wedding day is the longest day in the lives of the Chinese brides!

  1. Peruvian Ring Pulling

Well, you all may be aware of the famous tradition of bride tossing away the bouquet into a group of unmarried women as a way of identifying the one who is next on the line to get married. There is a similar tradition prevalent in Peru but with certain interesting modifications.

Differently colored ribbons are slipped through the layers of the wedding cake, and one of these ribbons will have a phony wedding ring entangled to it. When the cake is being sliced, different women will try pulling out the ribbons. The one lady who gets the ribbon with the fake ring will probably get married next.

  1. The Hard work pays off

In a few parts of Russia, if you want to marry the girl of your dreams, there is long, long way ahead before you see your dream come true. It is so because you will have to religiously put in efforts to impress the family.

Now, this is not new at all, but here is the twist: the family will test the man with all kinds of work allotted to him. He may be asked to dance, joke around, solve riddles, do housework and whatnot.

Well, it would not be wrong to say that a few Russian grooms are home-schooled!


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