Is a traditional church wedding not your kind of style? Do you want to get married in a romantic and beautiful location? Do you want to celebrate your wedding day outdoors? If yes, then you should consider having a beach wedding.

Planning a wedding can be very difficult especially if you don’t have a professional wedding planner to help you out.

A church wedding is too common and if you want to deviate from this usual practice, your best option is to have a beach wedding. Nothing can be more special than tying the knot in someplace private with only a few invited guests to witness your union.

There are many other wedding themes nowadays. But why should you opt for a beach wedding? Here are five reasons:

1. Practical

    Isn’t it tiring to travel to another venue after the wedding ceremony for the reception? Some guests head straight to home after the ceremony since they are too tired to travel anymore. With a beach wedding, you’ll have no problem with this.

    You can have your beach wedding ceremony and reception at the beach itself. Aside from that, your guests can even stay overnight in cottages, swim, or dance the night away under the stars.

    2. Comfortable

      Outdoor weddings are very popular. Gone were the days when you have to sit in a crowded church with poor ventilation. With beach wedding, you can have all the fresh air you want. Your guests will surely find comfort in the cool sea breeze and natural beauty of the beach.

      3. Convenient

        Why go to so much trouble decorating the venue and reception when you can have nature’s natural beauty to beautify your wedding day? A beach wedding calls for simple decorations[wedding decoration]. You don’t need to haul huge flower arrangements anymore. You can also use the same seats occupied by guests during the ceremony to the reception.

        4. Affordable

          Many beach resorts now offer affordable beach wedding packages so there’s no need to spend too much on hotel reservations. These packages may cover food, accommodation, and even provide newlyweds free stay for their honeymoon.

          However, be sure to inform the management of your wedding theme and motif as well as the number of guests who’ll be attending the wedding.

          5. Unique

            You can easily play up your beach wedding. Instead of wearing formal dresses, you may ask your guests to wear something casual like a short summer dress and floral shirts for men.

            You can let them wear leis instead of corsages. In addition, you can make your wedding truly romantic by having it during sunset and by having a nice campfire with music and delicious food.

            Most beach weddings are held during summer where there’s no chance of getting drenched on your wedding day.

            You may hold it in a privately owned beach or at a popular beach resort. Just be sure it is near enough to save your guests the trouble of traveling too far.


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            1. Great post! In my next life, I’m definitely going to get married on the beach. What could be better than saying your “i dos” while watching the sunset over the water?

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