Wedding themes have been a challenge ever since the wedding industry came forward with a huge number of options challenging every bride to be unique.

Wedding themes have been around for many years and no matter if they relied on style, structure, accessories or colors; some of them managed to linger over the centuries in spite of how much the trends in fashion and decoration made them bend.

If we were to take apart the trend flavor and the specific details every year brings to dazzle the brides and grooms to be, there are four major wedding themes that can be considered classic.

1. The Princess Bride Wedding Theme

princess wedding theme

Perhaps the ultimate classic, this wedding theme is all about romance and style. The colors are usually light; flowers are mandatory and usually all the traditional elements are there. Such a wedding theme is usually chosen by people wanting a big wedding, a church ceremony and a ball like reception.

This type of wedding theme generated what we like to call Disney wedding theme, romantic wedding themes and practically any wedding theme where the bride decides to make it big, impressive and memorable for all of her guests.

2. The Patterned Wedding Theme

patterned wedding theme

This theme started out of the need of creating a landscape worthy of a spectacular event and over the years the patterns in question materialized in stripes, flowers, a specific color or colors combination. We normally recognize this type of theme under popular names like: flower wedding theme, red, blue, green wedding theme…etc.

3. The Offbeat Wedding Theme

offbeat wedding theme

The need of some of the couples to marry in an unconventional environment has resulted in a multitude of variations that became another way of having a wedding. The vintage wedding theme, the gothic wedding theme, the flower power wedding theme came to be out of the need for unconventional. Such a wedding theme goes perfectly with a small budget and a free spirited bride.

4. The Island Wedding Theme

island wedding theme

Of course that the trend calls for wedding to be unique but so many couples find it proper to join their destiny in an environment where they had the best time of their lives. This is how places like Hawaii, Maldives or Bora Bora are hosting a great number of weddings. The theme has also resulted in a reason to have the wedding outdoors and on the sea shore and surprisingly became also popular on the main land.



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