Fall wedding is not exactly a common phenomenon because every new bride wants to be married in June. Fall as a season has a certain romantic charm that adds to the love between the bride and the groom getting set to marry during fall.

Fall wedding decorations come as a wonderful way to add a special touch to your wedding because the amazing display of colors will make the beauty of the bride stand out even more.

So here are a few wonderful ideas to add a special fall touch to your dream wedding.

1. Colored Leaves As Wedding Favors

Beautiful fall leaves carrying all the colors from red to green can become the right touch on the gifts prepared for your guests.

colored leaves as wedding favors

Whether the leaves are cut in colored sugar paste, made of paper or simply gathered from the forest they will look amazing inside a transparent box with organza wrapping.

2. Fall Flowers For A Spectacular Centerpiece

Fall may come with colder days and rain but comes also with a large number of beautiful flowers. Dahlias, camellias, blue mist and chrysanthemum are only a few but the combinations are endless.

fall flowers for spectacular centerpiece

Be an original bride and let the fall beauty shine its flowers on the tables. You can also go for fruit flower combinations and place an acorn here and there and you will sure get the most original centerpiece.

3. Fall Theme On Your Wedding Cake

The wedding cake draws as much attention as the bride so if you really want to make an impression play with the design and colors and add fall notes to the cake.

fall theme on wedding cake

The plethora of ideas available online may dazzle you so ask your cake designer to offer you a few options and go for the one that fits better in your wedding décor. Have fun designing your cake and be sure your guests will enjoy looking at it.

4. The Bridal Bouquet – Anything But White

bridal bouquetFall surely offers you the chance to be anything but traditional.

If flower–power, boho-chic and even glam-rock brides will not think twice before gathering maple tree leaves and make themselves an offbeat wedding bouquet, the traditional spark in you might lead you towards colorful fall roses and dahlia.

Beautiful fall flowers in nuances close to the fall’s auburn distinctive note, spread with drops of yellow and peach will create a fairytale bouquet that will be remembered.



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