scottish weddingA wedding in Scotland is all about romantic castles nestled in mountain tops, surrounded by stunning countryside. [Scottish Wedding]

Around every corner there is a perfect place to exchange your vows and start married life from.

The other thing that Scotland has which attracts even more couples than any hill or man in a kilt is the speed in which a marriage can take place.

Once you have reached the minimum age of sixteen, all that is required is a document that will allow you to be wed in as little as 15 days. Scottish residency is irrelevant.

A couple can chose from three types of wedding ceremony, the Civil, the Humanist or the Religious, meaning that there is one for every creed or fancy. These days a civil procedure is not necessarily held in a registry office, many hotels and other venues can hold a non religious service which is what this is.

For a humanist ceremony Scotland is one of only six countries on the planet that will allow them to take place. For non-believers this is a very flexible service, which can more or less be exactly how a couple would want it to be.

Vows and readings can be specifically chosen making it a very personal type of joining together of two people.

Lastly the religious ceremony, which in Scotland does not automatically mean a church affair. The clergy here are usually more agreeable to holding a service in an alternative venue which suits all parties.

It is no surprise that Scotland is a very popular place to get married as it offers something for everyone.



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