It’s not everyday that you get married so better make it as special as possible. Tying the knot is like a once in a lifetime experience that you have to make every moment count.

One way to make your wedding stand out among the traditional weddings held in your area is by having an outdoor wedding.

The traditional church wedding can be boring since it is the most common practice among couples who want to tie the knot.

It is famous for its solemnity and practicality but in this modern world we’re living in, more and more couples are finding unique ways to get married like having an outdoor wedding.

An outdoor wedding is anything that can be done outside. You may choose to celebrate your wedding day at the beach, in a garden, an inland resort, or even in a remote island. Having an outdoor wedding is the in thing nowadays since it deviated from the traditional church wedding.

Advantages of outdoor wedding

1. Lesser decoration

If you’re worried about spending too much on your wedding decoration, go for an outdoor wedding. There’s no need to decorate the venue especially if you will hold your wedding in a garden with flowers already blooming around. The beach also has its natural appeal especially if you’ll get wed during sunset.

2. Lots of space

Some churches are too small to occupy a large number of guests. With an outdoor wedding, you have plenty of room where your invitees can sit and move around comfortably.

3. Venue and reception in one

A major advantage of outdoor wedding is you don’t need to drive to the reception after the ceremony anymore. You can have seats and tables arranged for the post wedding program a few feet from the actual venue of the ceremony.

Disadvantages of outdoor wedding

1. Unpredictable wedding

One moment the sun is shining brightly, the next it’s already raining. The unpredictable weather condition can be a hindrance to the success of your outdoor wedding. You’ll never know what will happen that’s why many choose to play it safe by having their wedding under a roof.

2. Transportation

Some of your guests may find it too much trouble to travel especially if your venue is in an island or beach far from your area. It will also cost them extra to pay for transportation or gas.

3. Discomfort

Too much heat of the sun or strong wind can cause a major discomfort to you and your guests. The hot weather for starters can already make them sweat and ruin their attire. Meanwhile, the wind can cause their dresses to fly and even ruin their hairdo.

Deciding on the kind of wedding you want to have can be very challenging. Before you finally decide on having an outdoor wedding, be sure to weight the pros and cons of having one. It will not hurt to plan out your wedding carefully and how you want to celebrate it.



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