summer weddingJune is without a doubt the most sought-after and popular time for brides to plan their weddings.

In fact most women dream of their special day being outdoors or in a chapel with blue skies and 75 degree weather outside.

This also means that June is the most difficult month of the year to book a desirable photographer, florist, reception hall, DJ and church time and day.

Because of these reasons and others, destination weddings are becoming very trendy and many brides and grooms opt for a destination wedding on their special day.

Las Vegas weddings are also becoming very popular as people mix the ‘destination’ aspect of the wedding day with something a bit more feasible for their guests.

However the latest thing to consider is a winter wedding. I for one have always dreamt of my special day being at night when the ground was covered with snow.

It seemed so beautiful for me. However another great reason to consider a winter time wedding is because many venues will be decorated so beautifully that you will not have to worry about too many decorations much less centerpieces or a florist. Christmas times at most reception venues are absolutely beautiful.



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