Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Now, you’ve set the date, time and place. What better place than the beach? Now you just need to decide on the clothes. For a beach wedding you will want a light and flowing dress.

beach wedding 1

Anything to heavy and flouncy will weigh you down and make you way too hot in the sun. The beach is also a less formal setting so you will want to be comfortable and be able to move. Same thing goes for the groom. Be comfortable, but elegant.

beach wedding 2

You will definitely want to have the baby powder on hand. Unsightly sweat stains do not make good wedding memories. Sunscreen is also a good idea, unless you want to start the honeymoon off with sunburn.

beach wedding 3

Believe it or not there are bugs on the beach. Not just any bugs either, but the kind that bites. Head them off with insect repellant. You might want to provide beach footwear and hand held fans or parasols for your guests so you don’t have any of them passing out in the heat.

The bottom line though is that this is YOUR day. Be comfortable, relax, have fun, and make memories with your beloved!



  1. This is a fantastic idea, combining a wedding and honeymoon is an excellent way to combine both events into one and probably saving a little money in the process considering the amounts couples spend on grand church weddings


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