underwater weddingThemed weddings are nothing new, having a wedding in unusual places is almost old that but saying ‘I do’ under water is the latest trend which takes the ceremony to the limit.

There are many exotic places where underwater conditions are clear enough for wedding photography and for the happy couple to see exactly what they are doing.

From the Maldives to Australia, the place which has helped the record of thirty under water weddings almost a decade ago is Trang in Thailand.

Many enterprising companies particularly in Australia are offering a full wedding package, complete with a sound system and masks, witnesses can listen in from above if they prefer not to take the plunge along with the bride and groom.

It is not the most romantic of ceremonies, in fact it is all about exact timings and plenty of safety checks, but if you love diving and being underwater, then this could be the best way for you to get hitched. It is very popular and a significant industry is building up around it throughout the globe.

Some wedding packages actually include diving lessons so everything is possible, and just like any other wedding you will get an obligatory DVD of the occasion to show to your friends and family.

It is advisable to not have too many guests present at the main event as a lot of divers under water will create quite a stir and be a distraction from the tender exchange of rings taking place amongst the coral reef.



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