No matter how much the world advances, there are always a few who wish to go back in time and enjoy their wedding day in a more simplistic and rustic setting.  For many, the rustic theme is a way of coming close to their roots, the childhood they spent in the country. While, for some others it may just be the charm and warmth that the rustiness signifies and amplifies.

Whatever your reason for wanting a rustic wedding, getting the perfect theme is important. The list below provides with few of the best rustic wedding theme ideas:

rustic wedding theme ideas

The Rustic Wedding in a Barn

Getting married in that cozy barn is an amazing idea for all those who crave for rustic element on their wedding day. An elegantly lit and well decorated barn setting can bring you closer to the farm you grew up in or the farm where you vacationed with your loved one. There are numerous properties in different parts of almost every countryside/ state that can work as a perfect wedding destination.


Another famous wedding concept/ theme with personifies rustiness is becoming extremely popular amongst many new brides and their planners. Glamping is basically camping out in the woods with loads of luxuries on the side. The idea is to get married in a camp setting with tents in the wilderness, but with all the luxuries you get in the city. Imagine the wedding kiss on the banks of a lake where all of your wedding guests are camped in luxurious tents.

The Farm and the Ranch

If the barn is not really your style and you want to go all out; then you can also look for a farm just on outskirts with a peaceful outlook and a calm environment. Enjoying your special day with your loved ones and ‘the one’ in a lovely setting with the freshness of a farm is one amazing way to make it memorable.

Farm Animals

Another way to bring an element of the rustic countryside into your wedding is by getting your favorite farm animals involved in the wedding. For example if whether the bride or the groom grew up with horses and/ or love them, then they can have horses around on their wedding day. Horse themed wedding cards are a brilliant idea of adding fun and warmth to the wedding theme.


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