Dressing up your wedding party with purple accents or using a purple theme can add a sense of adventure and originality to your wedding and still leave it with a traditional flavor.

If you want to bring some real life to your wedding and reception have your wedding planner show you some purple themes. Purple has made a come back in recent years and many consider it stylish instead of ostentatious.

purple centerpiece

Obviously you don’t want to go too far. Purple is far better used as a trim or accent with base colors like white and black. Using purple accents on the wedding garb, and the bride can carry a purple bouquet.

purple wedding bouquet

Color fads come and go but right now purple is in its ascendancy and this would be the ideal time to consider adding it to your wedding for that stylish look that speaks to the present and future and not the past.

purple wedding cake

Perfect for a great wedding the purple might be that certain “IT” to make the best day of your life unique.



  1. I really like the idea of a purple theme.I think they are most stylish and elegant.A purple bouquet is so beautiful with base colors white and black.I’m a great fan of purple!Great post!


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