Thinking of organizing a backyard wedding for yourself? Well the thought sure is a unique and interesting one but are backyard weddings always that successful? While it is true that they offer a certain private wedding venue option but at the same time they can be a little limiting in many ways. Before deciding upon this kind of wedding, it is always advisable to weigh its various pros and cons and the list of the same is given below:

pros and cons of a backyard wedding

Pros of a Backyard Wedding

  • One of the best things about a backyard wedding is that you can really be in control when you organize it in your own backyard. It gives you not just authority but also freedom to do the decorations, put up the lightings etc.
  • It can be a lot cheaper than getting married in a hall or a lawn which is rented. When you organize a backyard wedding, then you save a lot of money on the venue and only have to spend for food, drinks, cake, decoration etc.
  • Another pro of a backyard wedding is that it can be very intimate, cosy and a small affair of only close friends and family members.
  • Another great thing about a backyard wedding is that it is a great option when you need to organize things in a small span of time. Booking another venue and having it confirm can take time but this is not the case in a backyard wedding. Infact, to book other venues, you may have to be lined up months in advance.

Cons of a Backyard Wedding

  • One of the main problems with a backyard wedding is that it can be extremely stressful since you have to do everything on your own. You will be responsible for decoration, management and also for setting up chairs, tables and food etc.
  • Since most backyards are small in space, a backyard wedding can seem very constricted in terms of space and you may have to manage everything in a small area.
  • Another major negative of a backyard wedding is that due to the preparations, music and in-out of the guests, the neighbours and those living in the surrounding areas can really get disturbed and may even complain.
  • Not a lot of people take backyard weddings too seriously and this too is a drawback of such a wedding or ceremony.


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