garden weddingWeddings come in all shapes and sizes and increasingly couples are selecting a specific wedding theme to celebrate their special day.

One of these is based on the abundance of life as can be seen in the garden. [Garden weddings]

Flowers have always been an important part of any ceremony but in a garden themed wedding, flowering plants are also a big part of the day.

Rather than displays being discarded when the party is over the couple can take some of them home to grow in their first home.

Often all guests are given a favor of seed packets, which emphasizes the start of something new and so the attendees can mark the occasion in their own gardens. This means not only a photographic record is kept but perennial flowers growing add a more meaningful significance.

An Asian theme for a wedding lends itself to a different way of celebrating the joining together of two people. With so much tradition to base the events of the day on, it is very easy to pick the elements that suit your proposed wedding plans.

The written language alone can provide a very simplistic but romantic touch to the decorations.

A lot of this theme can be interpreted quite cheaply which means this is a great choice for those that are more budget conscious. Paper lanterns, either brightly colored or auspiciously plain, with candles to light an evening’s event, will create a wonderful, romantic atmosphere.

Whatever theme, that a couple actually chooses, it will be a great way to mark the importance of two people declaring their love and making the vow to stay together forever.



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