An Indian style wedding is a wedding based on Indian customs and rituals where the bride and the groom wed each other based on Indian traditions and wedding ceremonies. It may be easy for Indians to organize an Indian style wedding but what about those who are not Indians by origin and wish to get married in an Indian style? Well they’ll need to do a lot of research to organize the wedding and may also need to read the following given tips:

plan and organize an Indian style wedding

  • An Indian wedding is a complex style of wedding and may involve many more rituals and ceremonies than a western wedding or any other form of wedding. So to go through with it perfectly and without any glitches, it is important for you to fix the date first so that you have a certain deadline in mind.
  • You will then need to set a certain budget for yourself within which you can easily function without worrying about spending more than your bank account permits you to do.
  • To organize a perfect Indian wedding ceremony, it is important for you to contact a priest who will be carrying out all the rituals and prayers which are important in the Indian custom. The priest will also be able to tell you the important custom ingredients to buy.
  • The next step is to choose an event manager who can help you decorate the venue in an Indian traditional style with flowers, colorful interiors and a feeling of celebration. He/she will also be able to organize Indian form dance performances to make the guests feel like they are in India!
  • Buying traditional Indian clothes for the wedding day is also a great idea to organize an Indian wedding. The groom can purchase a ‘Shervani’ or a ‘Kurta Pajama’ whereas the bride can be dressed in traditional Indian Sari or a Lehenga.
  • It is important to include some Indian dishes in the food list so as to make your guests truly enjoy an Indian style wedding. You can speak to an Indian friend to come up with a list of popular Indian dishes and drinks.
  • Another tip to organize an Indian wedding is to include Indian music or a band which focuses on playing Indian dance numbers such as Bhangra beats, Bollywood songs or classical Indian songs.
  • Saying your vows in Hindi can also add to the charm of the wedding. You can have those vows translated if you wish.

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