Picking the most suitable wedding theme could be something hard and complex as you have to suit it with your personality and characteristics.

Theme is the most essential part of a wedding since the other parts like centerpieces and even the style of the food will have to match their appearance with the wedding theme.

As a basic rule for your wedding, the theme plays the important role that determines the perfection of your wedding party.

There are various wedding themes that are currently in trend now. The first example would be stripes. This theme looks cool and also contemporary. This will be suitable for most modern decorations and styles.

Choosing the theme is quite simple as you just need to find various decorating items that have thin lines in monochromatic colors.
Next, you could choose the theme based on what is currently happening on your wedding party.

For example, if you have your wedding party in winter you could choose a winter theme making an all white wedding and use winter like decorations.

All you have to do is choose white flowers, white cake frosting and all the other cute white details. You could add some “snowed” tree branches to bring in an artistic touch.

If you still have no idea about your wedding theme, let the guests show you the way. Think carefully about your guests and what might make them feel surprised.

For example, you have been participating as a member in a reading club and invited a lot of members from that club or all your friends like going to the movies and a movie wedding scene would be something impressive for them.

You could try to have the similar wedding theme that reflects your lifetime hobby. It’s quite easy to be done since you just have to use the things that define you as a person and creatively wheel them to decorate your wedding. Your guests will feel the warmth of a home and you got the golden chance to show them the smart original part of you.

Since you won’t be alone at your wedding, make sure that your partner agrees with your personal plan. If your partner doesn’t agree with it, there are still numerous types of wedding themes you could use.
Find some similarity of choices and agree on them with your partner, and then you will find your way to get the perfect wedding theme for both of you.

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