outdoor weddingEvery couple dreams to have an outdoor wedding, because there are wide varieties of locations to consider such as parks, beaches, historic estates, scenic landmarks or even your backyard.

Getting married outdoors in the sunshine, surrounded by the beauty of nature, friends and family, makes a lovely celebration.

You are going to celebrate your ceremony in a beautiful and romantic wedding location. But, having your wedding in outdoors is not as easy as it looks.

So, planning for an outdoor wedding needs proper preparation, lot of considerations and attention to details. We cannot control the weather changes, the only thing we can do is working around it.

Make your dream into a reality:

With careful attention and proper planning, your vision can become a reality. But, there are some important considerations, which you need to keep in your mind while planning outdoor wedding.

Whether you choose your wedding ceremony in a park, in your backyard or on the beach, plan for the ceremony and reception at the same site [Beach wedding].

Advantages of outdoor wedding:

  • You need to pay less cost on flowers and music as the atmosphere itself can create its own ornamental surroundings.
  • In order to have perfect atmosphere, add chair decorations, columns, topiaries, ceremony arch or aisle bows. Careful setting is very important so that the location can become into a unique setting.
  • It is convenient for your guests and there is no need to travel from one location to other.
  • You can save lot of money by celebrating the ceremony and reception at the same location.
  • The uniqueness of outdoor locations is unlimited and it gives your event a bit more shine.

You need to have careful plan for all the settings. Have proper plan for wind. Most of the outdoor weddings suffer from windy conditions. Don’t wear light fabrics like chiffons and china silks in yours or your bridesmaid dress. Your wedding hairstyle should also be suitable to the outdoor weddings.

Inform your guests previously about outdoor wedding so that they can come and plan accordingly.

You need to carefully consider the wedding decorations. The nature itself provides most of the decorations, like trees, flowers, lake views, or a hilltop view. Plan for a beautiful wedding arch, so that it will be the focal point of the ceremony. Dripping the arch with various flowers will also acts as a wonderful backdrop for wedding photos.

Celebrating wedding ceremony in outdoors leaves wonderful memories for both you and your better half and also guests will remember your wedding for many years to come.



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