las vegas weddingFor a really special and unique wedding day, one that will amaze your guests and remain etched in your memories forever; choose a Las Vegas wedding experience.

This wedding theme is the ideal way to get together with all your friends and relatives in an entertaining setting, where the main theme is fun and enjoyment.

To organize this Wild West, Las Vegas Style wedding you can use this emblem to greet your guests and decorate your wedding lounge area or garden.

There are plenty of accompanying embellishments such as cards, bottle stoppers, place card holders and more, and other original ideas you come up with following the Las Vegas theme.

You can also propose Las Vegas Style playing cards as wedding favours, these are original gifts, where you can add the bride’s and bridegroom’s names on and send them off to the wedding guests, which make a distinctive kind of invitation.

You may also choose dice shaped wedding favours and let your guests know what a lucky strike you had this time, finding the right one for you.

There is infinity of original and amusing wedding favours you can choose from. The Las Vegas chips are a must for wedding favours and this colourful idea will lift the mood of all guests, bride and bridegroom included.



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