All brides dreamed at least once in a life time about a wedding dropped from the décor of their favorite fairy tales. As the girls grow up and traditions kick in, the dream fairy tale wedding becomes a distant memory but every once in a while a bride dares to see her girly dream come true and walk on the aisle like her favorite fairytale heroine did.

Of course for such a wedding the décor would have to fit the idea of the story and the most suitable location would be a castle or an impressive mansion so specific for royalty. Heavy curtains, massive wood stairs, long tables covered in combination of silk and velvet fabric as well as crystal chandeliers and candles will give your wedding the authentic story like air.

wedding styleIn spite of your best intentions, such a location can be cold and unwelcoming through the sobriety of the building, so decorating it with light but impressive wedding decorations like silk fabric and sheer colorful veils of satin hanging from the chandelier in the middle of the tall ceiling is quite a good idea.

Lace insertions are surely adding a special touch and colorful lanterns can only add to the fairytale air.

Here are three types of fairytale weddings that you might want to consider when planning such an event.

The 1001 nights and the grandeur of the oriental weddings can be reproduced through heavy carpets and curtains with floral motifs. Polished wood details and strings of artificial pearls as well as Arabic style decoration can create that air you are looking for.

The bride and groom table can be decorated with golden details and oriental designs and as for the other guests, replacing chairs with seating pillows can add to the oriental air.

Such a décor is fit for small weddings among friends and close relatives that would have fun to see the bride and groom act like Arabian prince and princess.

The royal wedding is fitted to be decorated in powerful combinations of purple and dark cherry red as base colors. Embroidered fabric and impressive design as well as elaborated contrasts of colors in flowers can add to the royal style medieval wedding in the tradition of Romeo and Juliet.

Disney style wedding is for sure something easy to achieve since here anything that resembles your favorite fairytale goes. So if you like bells and lights, and turning your wedding in a place filled with fairy magic you should go for many flowers, colorful lanterns , garlands and guests dressed up as fairytale characters. Make sure that your guests understand your idea and be happy being a Cinderella bride.



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