weddingthemeThe wedding themes are pivot of all the colors, decorations, favors and wedding cakes in any wedding.

The season you choose may determine your wedding theme.

Where you will have your wedding is also a factor, whether you are going to have it indoors or outdoors.

You can also choose the theme based on what you like or rather something more formal.

Or you might as well choose what your mother wants! They are welcome to few suggestions you know!

Let your wedding be memorable by choosing the perfect theme, one that you have both agreed on. A theme based on the journey that has brought you to the altar is romantic and memorable. Your whole relationship is highlighted the day you decide to spend the rest of your life together.

When you base your wedding on season, the options and ideas are numerous. Take for example, summer. It is a season characterized by bright colors and blooming flowers. Your decor and color theme will arise from this fact.

In winter, you can use the snowflake theme where you incorporate the idea of Santa clause and snow. You see, the ideas are plenty.

Beach theme weddings has a variety of decor and venue options. If you want an outdoor experience, decorate the sides of your aisle with sea shells or smooth rocks that are normally found on sea shores. Be creative and use sand.

Try building a sand castle close to altar just to emphasize the beach theme. With a perfectly blue sky above you, you will not go wrong with it.

Every little girl dreams of that handsome prince that’s going to come and sweep her off her feet or kiss away all her fears. Fairy tales were my personal favorite when I was a little girl.

Remember when you were a little girl and you would leave in the fantasy. All it took was to close your eyes and you will be a part of Cinderella or snow white.

Use the fairytale theme in your wedding. You will love it, if you put your heart into it. The Cinderella theme can have a wedding cake in the shape of a glass slipper.

A horse and a carriage can be there to take away the newly weds after the ceremony. Don’t you feel like getting married all over again right now just to experience this magical moment?

A classic themed wedding is all about incorporating history into the setting. The style of your wedding dress should not have much of a modern touch. Put some old and historical artifacts as part of the decor.

You can get your bridesmaids to wear ball gowns that were often worn back in the olden days. Keep your colors neutral. Get a venue that is very close in resemblance to a castle. The ideas are many, just be open minded.



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