In case you are planning your wedding, here are the latest trends that will help you to be a trendy bride in the biggest day of your life. The hottest wedding trends are many, but if you want to be really original, go for a vintage wedding. The vintage wedding includes a vintage wedding gown, a vintage photography, decoration details, romantic textures and natural settings.

vintage wedding

An outdoor wedding can be a vintage one too, so don’t hesitate to combine these two hot trends. The outdoor weddings are usually those with lots of guests and a huge party. Predicting the weather is a hard thing to do, especially in the spring, so go for an outdoor wedding in the summer.

outdoor wedding

If you have dreamed for a princess wedding, the trend “back to past” is the right one for you. Go for a princess wedding gown or keep the tradition to take your mother or grandmother’s wedding dress. The wedding favors should be different and eccentric. You can go for favors from historical brands or something that will bring some nostalgic romance in your wedding day.

The décor should be well ornamented with lots of white flowers and old retro items. If this is not the right idea for your wedding day, you can always choose the modern green wedding theme.

The environmental friendly weddings are a total hit, not to mention they are showing a sign that you care for the nature. The recycled paper invitations, the LED lighting and the organic food are very important, if you are choosing a green wedding. As for the wedding gown, it should be a second-hand gown or a rented one.

wedding food

The DIY weddings are also modern. Probably they are modern because of the financial recession, but these weddings are very affordable and inexpensive. The DIY weddings have a personal accent, so you can go for such a wedding, in case you want to create the wedding invitations, the party favors and the wedding décor by yourself.

As for the wedding details, this year brings a rustic atmosphere, so don’t hesitate to use rustic wedding items and accessories.

For instance, you can go for a rustic wedding cake. The wedding cake table is a must, in case you want to have a modern wedding. The wedding menu should be simple and filled with traditional foods. Serving lemonade, colorful tears and Arabic coffee is very good and trendy idea.



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