green weddingIf you can picture a combination of these two colors, then you will see that these colors complement each other.

The idea doesn’t strike me. But when I actually put the two side by side, I realized how they come out so beautiful. Play around with these colors to create a beautiful and unique wedding theme.

Get fresh flowers as part of your decor and combine pink flowers with green ones. It comes out so beautiful. Green and pink are autumn colors so if you are planning to arrange your wedding using this color theme, then wed in autumn.

Dress up your bridesmaid in pink and dresses made up of soft, light weight material. Each one of them should hold a bouquet of flowers that are green in color. The groomsmen can dress up in their black tuxedos and green ties, as well as the bridegroom.

Distinguish your parents and your in-laws from everyone else by pinning small green/pink flowers on their pockets.

As for the children, you can dress them in pink and tie green ribbons on their heads. Put green and pink flowers in their baskets so that they may throw on the newly weds when they have been pronounced as husband and wife.

The bride’s bouquet should be a combination of the two wedding colors. The shade of green should be lime green. Decorate the venue with lime green and pink balloons. Group them into groups of three, two pink and one green balloon in each group of three.

Your wedding card can be designed in the form of a small box. The upside of the card should be covered with a plastic or a glass imitation. In this enclosure should be a pink flower. On the outside part of the glass imitation should be the words written in pink. I hope you get the drift here.

Or just a simple wedding card with bold, green borders, the writing should be in pink.

Green and pink are fairytale colors so think out of the box. Your cake can be white with green icing highlighting the edges and a pink ribbon that finishes the top.

You should also consider a garden wedding for a green and pink themed wedding. The flowers and the greenery outside enhance your color scheme. This makes it alive and cheery.  These are also the colors of nature, especially green.

Cover your tables with lime green tablecloths and a pink table piece. So you see, playing around with color will add life to your wedding.



  1. Wonderful ideas for green and pink themed wedding.I’m planning a green theme wedding, so these pointers would be very helpful!Great stuff!Thanks!


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