beach weddingAn informal beach wedding sounds interesting and adventurous especially for a young couple so much in love.

It’s different and why would you opt for the usual formal reception when you have a more laid back option.

It is also good for the summer when it’s too hot to dress formal and the season is mostly about dressing down not dressing up.

1. Not only does it save you money on reception costs, but an oceanfront can also be a gorgeous setting for your wedding ceremony. Think of how wonderful it would be to have your wedding surrounded by clear blue skies, warm sand and that incredible sound of crashing waves.

2. There are a lot of wedding decorations that can make up a water theme. Add a lot of fresh flowers with vivid colors to the already provided backdrop of the beach which is rich with the blues and greens. Flowers like orchids and lilies are perfect for this setting.

You can put a huge flower in your hair and line the isle with bold colored tropical flowers. Fill your wedding tent or beach area with fresh flowers that fit with the sunshine and cheer of summer.

3. Use sea-theme decorations like different sea species shapes. You can also fill glass bowls with sand to combine perfectly with a seaside theme. For a more seafaring feel, add in lighthouse decor.

Hand out seashell shaped chocolates or even personalized sea theme drinks as your wedding favors. Tiki torches could just be an ideal thing for a stunning Caribbean beach marriage ceremony, and you can add tropical cocktails and some local fruits to the guest menu.

4. Another great idea would be to send out invitations shaped in your favorite sea species. You can use a Tiki hut to add style to your bar reception.

The Hawaiian ceremony can add a perfect touch to your ceremony, and have plastic sculptures that depict the Hawaiian natural environment; you may also include hula dancers.

5. Have a ukulele player to bring out the fascinating Hawaiian songs, or undertake the famous Hawaiian march as you make your way down the aisle. If you opt for a Caribbean theme, you can have someone to play a drum or a reggae band to perform.

6. Keep guests cool with mini portable fans in hot weather. Put packets of sunscreen in decorative baskets so guests can protect themselves from the sun. You can use a sand pail or tin bucket to put wedding programs in at the front entrance way of the tent or space where you’re getting married.



  1. Yes,I agree with you here.An informal beach wedding sounds interesting and adventurous especially for a young couple so much in love.Really great ideas to try.I love all your ideas!Thanks.keep up the great posts.Thanks!


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