fall weddingFall is the season between September and November. The season is well known for its vibrant colors.

Spring colors include red, gold, rust, burgundy and purple just to mention a few.

You have a wide choice of colors. Just make sure you choose them well and combine the right pair of colors.

When you choose a silent color such as sapphire-navy for the bridesmaid dresses, brighten up the scene a little bit by using all the bright colors for the decor. For example, orange, red and blue.

It’s fall, not winter, so play around with both extremes and you will come up with something so beautiful. The dull will complement the bright and vise versa.

The trick to a fall wedding is to use colors of not less than three. You have a wide selection of colors at your disposal, so why not use them?

Combine your favorite colors together with your partner’s favorite colors that are classified as fall colors. That way you will be adding that personal touch to the day.

Another common and lovely mix of colors on fall weddings are browns, blues and greens.

A traditional fall color scheme will also be ideal for the decor, red, yellow, brown and orange. But you are not restricted to these. You can use the rich modern tones as well, such as maroon and gold.

Dress up your bridesmaids in long maroon dresses. The guys can contrast them by wearing black suits with gold ties and a gold handkerchief in the left pockets. Mix the two wedding colors during decor.

Your mini bridal team can wear gold dresses with a maroon ribbon tied round their waist.

Another option is to dress your girls in both colors. Suppose you have a total of four girls, make two wear gold dresses and the other two wear maroon dresses. Hope you are following with me in this.

Divert from these two colors when you are arranging the flowers.

As for the wedding dress, a cream or off white color will do just the trick in fall. If you feel you want to follow the normal trend and wear white, it’s still lovely. White is the traditional wedding color anyway.

Instead of contrasting your girls from your boys you can have them wear the same color and then splash every other color across the décor and flowers. The cake will be better off in the main colors that you have chosen.

The ultimate key to a fall wedding is to play around with the particular colors.



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