This season’s wedding combinations are a real treat!

Having a green wedding was never as inspired as it can get now, and that is due to the wedding designers which have come up with the best, most elegant and most inspired combinations.

If your absolutely favorite color is green for example, be it light lime or pink, you might want to try a daring green and black combination.

The effect of both is amplified due to the combination and with a bit of taste, whatever you will decide to wear will look splendid. The combination can of course be applied to your wedding reception, wedding bouquet, wedding centerpieces and to your bridesmaids outfits as well.

Let us take a glance at other chick combinations you might be interested in. Pink, for example, goes splendid with tones of grey.

Blue matches yellow in the eyes of the designers, while orange and red go along perfectly. The classic white and black wedding can not be discussed, but how about turning it into white and purple? No matter what you choose, keep in mind that the colors of your wedding set the tone for the whole event, and your guests will be tempted to remember it as the “green/pink/orange/blue/whatever wedding” so be bold and inspired.



  1. Green is my favorite color.Going green is a great idea to save our planet.Good color combinations for green wedding.Lovely post!


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