solemn weddingWeddings do not need to be extravagant. You don’t need to invite hundreds of guests or hold your wedding in a place where everybody can witness your exchange of vows[wedding vows].

As a matter of fact, the more private and solemn the wedding is, the more it is remembered and treasured forever.

Having a solemn wedding ceremony is something you should consider, especially if you have a limited budget.

What is important is that you have your partner, your families, and the people who are close to your hearts. Here are three easy steps on how to have a solemn wedding:

1. Invite very few people

You don’t need to invite the whole neighborhood to your wedding. It is enough to have only your families and close friends present during this special day. This way, you don’t have to worry about attending to so many guests and get to cherish every single moment of your wedding day.

2. Get married in a church

Nothing can be more solemn than having a church wedding. You save yourself the troubles of looking for a venue and looking for someone to perform your wedding.

3. Choose a peaceful reception

When it comes to your reception, you may opt for a private and peaceful place where you can enjoy eating with your guests. You can have it in a quiet restaurant or a hotel.

Having a solemn wedding is one of your best options if you want a more private wedding. It is also practical, convenient, and easy to plan out.

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