In case you are seeking an unusual wedding theme, there is nothing better than the Halloween wedding theme. It is of course for those of you that admire the untraditional weddings and it isn’t for traditional brides to be, but a Halloween wedding is fun and moreover, it is an eccentric way to celebrate the biggest day of your life.

halloween weddingA Halloween-wedding theme is an adventure and it will take time to decide about each detail, so research and plan in this matter.

At first, make sure your gown is extravagant and Halloween suitable. The Adams family is the right source for this matter.

Morticia’s gown style is the right style for you, especially if you want different dress for your wedding. If white isn’t your favorite color, you can go for red, pink or blue.

You can also add some red lining on your white wedding gown and if this is too bold for you, simply choose to wear sleek black gloves, for they will give an eccentric touch to your dress.

The bridesmaids should also fit the Halloween theme of your wedding. The orange dresses are perfect for the Halloween item, for they represent the color of the pumpkins.

In case you prefer more dramatic and provocative look, then your bridesmaid should wear slim fitting black. A seamstress is also recommendable, as well as some tiaras or matching ribbons.

wedding halloween

The bouquets shouldn’t be typical; they have to be creative and different. Therefore, research well the local flower shops and choose flowers in unusual design and colors.

The groom and the groomsmen also need a different vision, so you can go for black tuxedos with red cummerbunds. The old fashioned Dracula style is also preferable. All in black is a scary option, but it is quite impressive. The accessories also should be different.

Women can choose orange or yellow accessories, while men can wear some big silver rings with skeletons or typical Halloween themed accessories.

halloween wedding style

The invitations can be different as you avoid the typical white colored invitation. Go for bold colors and medieval shrift, it will add some mysterious accents on your invitation. The wedding centerpieces can be really impressive in the Halloween themed spirit.

Arrange them with small pumpkins and black and orange flowers. You can also add some small scarecrows, small ghosts and artificial figures of gold stars, moon and your favorite horror heroes. Candles are must haves, considering the fact they are part of both Halloween and wedding classic traditions.



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